TinyUmbrella – BETA Bundled JRE available part 2

Had a little bit of a snafu on the migration of the links from what I was using to my new VPS (thanks Rubber Duck Hosting) I fixed the issue and we should be streaming again.

The fix in involves 64 bit windows running 32 bit TU. It caused a nasty crash.

I’ve received many error reports from folks that think they are on 64 bit iTunes. You can do a quick check for yourself to verify. If your iTunes directory exists in ?:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes then you have the 32 bit version of iTunes. Period. What has worked in most of these cases has been to completely remove Apple-related programs and start fresh from the real 64 bit (new) iTunes installation. I’m looking into alternatives to make this simpler for the users. Stay tuned for more fixes and updates.

Again thank you all for your support! Your error logs have helped squash some of these nasty issues. Those of you still having startup errors, try reinstalling java, check your proxy/firewall to make sure you aren’t blocking *.firmwareumbrella.com.

Also note that the larger downloads may take longer than normal (TU gets a TON of downloads and that sucks bandwidth)